What is HealthConnection?


HealthConnection allows you to search up-to-date information on programs and services to support clients with chronic conditions and health needs. An iPhone app version is also available for free download from iTune's App Store. HealthConnection is a directory of health and community programs and services on the North Shore of Metro Vancouver, British Columbia. Social service agencies that support clients in their local community (e.g., peer support programs and transportation services) are also listed. Physicians and some private home health providers are also included for the convenience of users, but there are no plans to expand the directory to include other private businesses or providers at this time. We do not expressly or implicitly endorse or associate ourselves with private providers and businesses included. We make no statement, and accept no liability regarding their operations.

We regularly review and update information provided on HealthConnection. While we do our best to keep information current, we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information or the availability of the website or iPhone app version at all times. Program information is provided on an 'as is' and 'as available' basis.

HealthConnection is made possible through a partnership between the Division of Family Practice and Vancouver Coastal Health. HealthConnection replaces a print directory that was first produced and updated annually by VCH North Shore Chronic Disease Services since 2008. Development of HealthConnection as a mobile and web app was in response to a need first identified by GPs based on the North Shore for a central, easily accessible resource listing programs and services that they could use during routine encounters with clients.

How do you find programs and services using the HealthConnection app?

You can view programs by filtering by category (e.g., active living, cardiovascular system, etc.), searching by program name, or searching by keyword. Searching by keyword works best when you limit to one keyword (e.g. "cardiac" or "heart") versus many keywords (e.g., "heart failure"). Later versions of the app will include improved search functionality. Each program includes a brief description, details on clients served, contact information and service hours, and referral process (e.g., whether self-referral, GP and/or other provider referral(s) are accepted). Program location is displayed using Google Maps. When available, additional program materials (e.g., program brochure, referral form, etc.) and related links (e.g., program website and/or social media links to Twitter or Facebook page) are provided. Users can email program description page links to a client or colleague.

Please note programs in the directory are primarily targeted to adults, not to children or youth. For the North Shore Youth Services Directory, please visit nsyouth.ca. You may wish to consult other North Shore directories from the North Shore Community Resources (NSCR) website. We also provide links to other directories on our Additional Resources page.

How do you find practitioners using the HealthConnection app?

You can browse practitioners by filtering by specialty (e.g., family practice, cardiology, etc.) or searching by name of practitioner. A practitioner may have one or more specialties listed, and/or be associated with one or more clinic locations. When you select a practitioner to view, their primary location will be displayed using Google Maps. When available, links to practitioner websites or social media sites are provided. At present, HealthConnection only includes physicians listed in an unofficial directory compiled by the North Shore Division of Family Practice GP/Specialist Group. If you find errors in this information or wish to be added, please email us at nscds@vch.ca.

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