Regional Communicable Disease Nurse

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The primary goal of this program is prevention of HIV. Physicians can ask to speak with a nurse or Medical Health Officer with expertise in the public health management of HIV. The nurse is available to help family physicians with disclosing a new HIV diagnosis to a patient and providing counseling at the time of a new diagnosis. This can include the nurse attending the HIV result appointment if requested. The nurse or Medical Health Officer can assist with notifying a patient’s partners safely and confidentially, providing local referral options for medical treatment and other supports, and connecting patients to a health care provider knowledgeable in HIV. Patients can also contact the nurse for support related to HIV at any time.


Responsible for the public health management of communicable diseases in the region. This involves working with patients and health care providers to follow-up reportable communicable diseases, and provide prevention interventions such as immunization and antibiotic prophylaxis to patients exposed to a communicable disease, and education and counseling to those at risk for communicable diseases.

Service Hours

Monday to Friday, on-call phone support provided evenings, weekends

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Regional Communicable Disease Control

Yourself, GP
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Regional Communicable Disease Nurse
Phone : 604-675-3900
Fax : 604-731-2756

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